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Drain Repairs Nottingham

Root Cutting Services 

Here at Gadgys Drainage Services we specialise in tree root cutting in drains. A large amount of damage can be caused to drainage systems by tree roots damaging and causing blockages in the drains. This is a natural issue to deal with as trees and plants tend to grow towards water sources, including drains where water is present. If roots get into the drains and aren’t dealt with, they will grow over time, causing damage to the pipes, collapsed drains and also blockages.


We can tackle the problem before it is too late with our high pressure water powered cutting equipment. They will cut away any tree roots and other fibrous plant material which has damaged and penetrated the drainage system. Using high pressure jetting, drain root cutting removes those extra intrusions. The system allows the operator to view the operation and root cutting process through a monitor onboard a van, and allows for a precise and accurate cut.

Section Of Damaged Drain Before Repaired
Damages Drainage Pipe Caused by Roots
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